Bethel Homecoming: Prayer, Praise & Fasting

19 Jul 20

a new season

As we begin to transition out of lockdown, we are passionate about continuing to build individuals and build a connected community. We will begin to combine our online presence with starting to meet together in person, but our leadership team want to make sure we all feel connected together even if not all of us will be able to meet in person yet. We’ll continue to live stream our services at 3pm on Sunday and meet virtually for some of other ministries. 

A day of prayer & fasting

This Tuesday (21st) we’ll be praying and fasting together, wherever we are, from 8am-8pm. We’ll be seeking God together, asking him to inspire us with creative ideas for meeting together in person and keeping us all feeling connected together at this time.

On the hour througout the day a short video will be posted in our Bethel Community Facebook Group explaining the focus of prayer for that hour.

a night of prayer & praise

But what will gathering together look like? Well, we thought a great place to start will be by gathering together to seek God’s voice.

At 7pm, those who are able to, will meet together upstairs in Havelock, and those who can’t will continue to pray and fast at home. There’ll be opportunities for all of us to share what we believe God is saying.

keeping each other safe

Due to COVID-19, as we meet together, there will be a number of measures in place, in line with government legislation, to ensure that everyone is safe. Face coverings are not compulsory, but we would recommend wearing one.

As a result of the social distancing rules we can only accommodate 30 people (slightly more if spaces are occupied by households who can sit together) at the Prayer & Praise service. You will therefore need to book your place before you attend each service by visiting the new ‘Connect’ page on our website (

Please note, we are required to keep a record of who attends for 21 days in case there is a local outbreak of COVID-19.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, we ask you to stay at home and join us for our online provisions. For those people who are shielding please abide by Government guidelines.


Psalm 133 reminds us that where there is unity God commanded a blessing, which flowed from the top of Aarons head to the outer edges of his robe. In other words, what God wants to say and do in this season involves all of us. As we stand united (in person and in our homes) seeking God together, we are expectant to hear and explore what he wants to say to us as a community and how he wants to use everyone of us at this time.

Are we ready to hear the very heartbeat of God for us as a people?