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Miriam’s Story

Growing up in Bethel Community Church quickly taught me to recognise the value of people and the richness that can be found by intentionally getting to know others.

This gave me a solid foundation of community and what a Church family should look like. Knowing and seeing that each person was valued, whether they were a small child, a businessman, a single mum, a teenager or an asylum seeker, meant I grew up looking for the value in others.

Now, as Youth Pastor, I am a strong believer in seeing the gold in our young people. Young people have a lot of bad press and I love working with teenagers to try and change how society sees them. I love that our church sees them and values them

The Community and the family that every young person finds is irreplaceable and it’s something that you can’t create on your own. That’s what Bethel Community Church is to me: family, community and a strong foundation for my ministry and personal life.


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