Rejoining the AOG

18 Aug 20


During our ‘Virtual Church’ service on 16th August 2020 we were excited to announce that we as a fellowship are re-joining the Assemblies of God Great Britiain (AOG). I want to say how excited we are as a leadership about our future as we continue this exciting journey together.

For many years Bethel had been a leading member of the AOG in South Wales, but 10 years ago we felt it was right for us to leave AOG, so that we as a church could progress and develop independently. After much prayer and discussion our leaders feel that under the new AOG leadership it is time to re-join.

We have had many meetings with AOG leaders and prayed together, we all feel that there is a kindred spirit and know it’s the right time to be part of a bigger organisation that will provide support and a spiritual covering. As an AOG church we will still be autonomous and will govern our own vision and direction.

The Assemblies of God is made up of over 500 churches in 700 locations throughout Great Britain. They are a Pentecostal movement who believes that every individual can and should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to be part of a local, vibrant church.

The current leadership of the movement have begun a radical transformation to make it more relevant and effective in the 21st century. We are pleased and excited to be part of this great movement and I know that we have a great future together.

Pastor Andrew